The GPC has 2 large and spacious studios which incorporate all printmaking options.

Downstairs we offer etching, relief printing letterpress and lithography, whilst upstairs we have silkscreen, exposure facilities, a fully equiped photographic darkroom, a 5m textiles print table, a kitchen and a bespoke Printmakers Gallery.
There is a booking system for all the presses (silkscreen and etching lithography and relief) to ensure those that want sole use can have the time to print and edition as required.
We operate a volunteer system for technical help in the mornings on weekdays.
For more information please check the drop down menu. We are very happy to organise a tour of our studio facilities.

Technical help can be obtained from Christine Felce



    The newly refurbished etching area is spacious and very well equipped. It has two traditional Etching Presses: The "Littlejohn" bed size 28" x 54" which is used for etching, monoprint and collograph. The "Rochat" bed size 32" x 54" which is used solely for etchinG. The Studio Facilities Include: Ferric Chloride tanks for copper and zinc plate etching and a Nitric Cabinet with extractor fan, for steel plates. There is a large sink for washing etching plates and other areas for damping paper and stacking prints. There are also ample work surfaces for inking and drawing up plates, a hotplate and rollers for hard and soft ground. A large Aquatint box is housed in a separately enclosed area of the studio. There are also facilities for the various photo- mechanical forms of etching - A darkroom and a Trumax exposure unit, which is shared with the Screenprint members.

    The silkscreen area is equipped with 1 x large vacuum Screenbed 1 x medium vacuum Screenbed 1 x enormous exposure unit comprising swivel top vacuum unit + freestanding exposure light 1 x washout unit with pressure washer 1 x drying cabinet storage space for max 5 screens per member

    The darkroom is bookable if you are a member. The darkroom is equipped with: a large Trumax exposure unit 2 x photographic enlargers 1 x large washout sink 3 x safety (red) lights 1 x drying unit 3 large developing trays 3 medium developing trays

    The lithography area comprises 1 x stone litho press, a selection of stones, a stone grinding wheel used in conjunction with carborundum powder. Large ink rollers for inking up the stones

    The textiles area is equipped with a 5m x 1.35m cushioned print table covered with calico. The table has 4 x folding wooden sheets that cover it completely when not in use to create a very large workspace for groups and individuals.

    There are 2 relief presses. One is the Vandercook proofing press that has a bed size of ? there are frames to lock out type for letterpress work. The other press is a smallbed Albion platen press, on loan to the GPC.