Brand New Website!

imgresFinally, after many hours of html befuddlement the GPC has a brand new website. The website is powered by WordPress, a really powerful platform. The functionality of our site is vastly improved and will get even better as teething problems are ironed out.

Whats New

– FOR THE PUBLIC – you do not need to register to use this website or to book for events or courses.

– FOR MEMBERS: A brand new booking system for using equipment which hopefully will be easier  to use. This is only available after logging in and a downloadable PDF of both the Current Newsletter and Current Members List.

– ALSO a beautiful new members Gallery area where every member is entitled and encouraged to put up to 10 images of their work. This will create a great way for us all to share our work and for others to see the diversity and creativity within the membership. Anyone wishing to show their images please email or dropbox them to Andy Lovell (details on members list) 7oo px high by whatever width that creates, 72dpi optimised for web.
FOR EVERYONE:  The current 2 workshops/evening classes always appear on the front page as do Newsworthy items to do with the Coop.
– The booking system for courses and workshops is much more streamlined.
– We have an area now called RESOURCES where we can share information on suppliers, useful websites. There will also be a synopsis of all the printmaking processes that the GPC cover which needs to be populated by those members that are experienced in that area.

We need to get volunteers to manage different areas of the site such as , NEWS, PROCESSES, LINKS etc so if you are interested please make yourself known to Andy Lovell or Tricia Henry.
Wordpress allows for different ‘Authors’ to upload info from their own computers which makes sharing the job of editing and updating the website easy. Learning how to do this is also easy.

All suggestions for improvement to the website are gratefully received as it is intended that it should evolve and reflect the character and service needs of the Coop.

hayley at has been instrumental in getting us up and running and has been incredibly generous with her time given the funds available, do have a look at her website.