Siobáin Drury

Siobain Drury

Siobáin  Drury completed a Fine Art degree in Liverpool and a Masters in Art & Education in her home town of Birmingham. After a career as a Lecturer in FE, she continues to develop her creative practice and is employed as the administrator of the GPC.
Siobáin likes to play with ideas as much as composition & colour – fluro/neon is her current obsession. PLAY is very important in her work and she is informed by theoretical work of Schiller, Kant & Dewey. She considers Printmaking a medium of infinite possibilities, and works with silkscreen methods, mono printing, collographs and etching, often combining disciplines and making unique prints (U/P), she rarely makes editions and therefore most of her prints are ‘one-offs’ or variations.

The passing of time, inspiration from film & music and the ‘overlooked’ are concerns that recur in her work and Siobáin considers it impossible to ignore issues of social & political injustice.